Sport & Entertainment

Duemilaeventi’s Corporate Hospitality services are addressed to those companies who need to take action when engaging in public relations and incentive activities. The Hospitality Package combines the spectacularity and interest characterizing sport events with the exclusivity of tailored, high quality hospitality services ‘ad hoc’ created for the participant guest.

EVENTS CORPORATE HOSPITALITY The Corporate Sport Hospitality service provides the best seats in the major Italian and European stadia in occasion of the Seria A Italian Championship and the top games of Champions League and Europa League. Duemilaeventi’s offer involves also other sport events, among which the spectacular Basketball (Italy) and Hockey (Switzerland) matches. The Corporate Entertainment Hospitality service is available in occasion of a wide range of entertainment events, such as ballet, opera, musical, dramas, and concerts, assuring everyone the best entertainment option. The events indoor take place in the most prestigious Italian theatres; the great concerts are also part of Duemilaeventi’s portfolio, providing international singers performances in Italy, Switzerland (Locarno Festival Moon and Stars) and around the world.